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We truly care about our users and our product. Which is why we are constantly improving Galaticos for our beloved users.[/column][column span=”3″][button size=”small” link=”demo2.fitwp.com/galaticos” color=”blue” icon=”gala-cart”]PURCHASE NOW[/button][/column][/row]


[row][column span=”4″][icon_box title=”REVOLUTION SLIDER SUPPORT” icon=”gala-monitor” icon_size=”small” icon_position=”left”]Galaticos not only supports RevolutionSlider plugin but also other slider plugins like Layer Slider, Soliloquy![/icon_box][/column][column span=”4″][icon_box title=”FULLY RESPONSIVE” icon=”gala-mobile” icon_size=”small” icon_position=”left”]Galaticos is fully responsive and works well on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Resize your browser window to view it![/icon_box][/column][column span=”4″][icon_box title=”UNLIMITED COLORS” icon=”gala-brush” icon_size=”small” icon_position=”left”]Galaticos theme has 5 predefined color schemes to choose from and allows you to create your own easily with just few clicks![/icon_box][/column][/row]
[row][column span=”4″][icon_box title=”7 CUSTOM WIDGETS” icon=”gala-cog” icon_size=”small” icon_position=”left”]Display your latest tweets or Flickr photos easily with our custom widgets. Highly configurable and easy to use via drag and drop UI.[/icon_box][/column][column span=”4″][icon_box title=”7 POST FORMATS” icon=”gala-list2″ icon_size=”small” icon_position=”left”]Display quotes, images, galleries, videos, audios, etc. beautifully and differently with Glamo. Easy to configure and insert content.[/icon_box][/column][column span=”4″][icon_box title=”AUDIO/VIDEO META INFORMATION” icon=”gala-note-beamed” icon_size=”small” icon_position=”left”]Galaticos shows audio and video information nicely such as total time, file type, file size, etc.Show your audience a surprice![/icon_box][/column][/row]

[row][column span=”4″][icon_box title=”AUDIO/VIDEO PLAYLIST” icon=”gala-music” icon_size=”small” icon_position=”left”]Galaticos fully supported audio, video playlist, no matter that is self-hosted video/audio or Youtube. It’s easy to add to your posts.[/icon_box][/column][column span=”4″][icon_box title=”CUSTOM PAGE DISPLAY SETTINGS” icon=”gala-rocket61″ icon_size=”small” icon_position=”left”]Galaticos is very flexible in term of changing layout for specific posts, pages. It allows you to custimize parts of each individual page.[/icon_box][/column][column span=”4″][icon_box title=”CREATIVE THEME OPTIONS” icon=”gala-tools” icon_size=”small” icon_position=”left”]With Galaticos’s custom theme options panel, you can customize any part of your site quickly and easily just in few clicks![/icon_box][/column][/row]

[row][column span=”4″][icon_box title=”CUSTOM CSS” icon=”gala-enhance3″ icon_size=”small” icon_position=”left”]You have full power to change the style of any element in the website with custom CSS feature. No need to edit CSS file anymore.[/icon_box][/column][column span=”4″][icon_box title=”CROSS BROWSERS” icon=”gala-compass” icon_size=”small” icon_position=”left”]Galaticos is compatible with all modern browsers: IE9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome. Itmakes sure the website is display correctly in any browsers.[/icon_box][/column][column span=”4″][icon_box title=”FLEXIBLE FOOTER” icon=”gala-check” icon_size=”small” icon_position=”left”]Galaticos supports from 1 to 4 footer columns and each column is a widget area that you can add any kind of content.[/icon_box][/column][/row]

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Supporting users is our top priority! We really want to offer only good products. We love feedback![/column][column span=”3″][button size=”small” link=”demo2.fitwp.com/galaticos” color=”blue” icon=”gala-cart”]PURCHASE NOW[/button][/column][/row]

[row][column span=”4″][icon_box title=”DEMO CONTENT” icon=”gala-book-open” icon_color=”blue”]Galaticos includes all files and content needed to quickly setup the theme like our demo, very nice![/icon_box][/column][column span=”4″][icon_box title=”EXCELLENT SUPPORT” icon=”gala-lifebuoy” icon_color=”blue”]We truly care about our users and product. You can be assured that you will get the best after sale support![/icon_box][/column][column span=”4″][icon_box title=”EXTENSIVE DOCS” icon=”gala-thumbs-up” icon_color=”blue”]Our documentation is the best around with detailed instructions that include step-by-step screenshots![/icon_box][/column][/row]