Hologic has partnered with The Pinnacle Health Group to offer reimbursement assistance to increase policy coverage of our procedures as well as to help our customers with coding and billing inquiries. The Hologic Reimbursement Hotline will answer questions on:

  • Coding
  • Coverage
  • Managed Care Contracted Rate Verification
  • Patient Benefit Verification
  • Patient Preauthorization / Pre-Certification
  • Claims Appeals and Denials
  • Low Claims Payment

CPT Codes

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) is a set of codes, descriptions, and guidelines intended to describe procedures and services performed by physicians and other healthcare providers. Each procedure is identified with a five digit code. The use of CPT codes simplifies the reporting services.

Hologic and Ortho Providers have provided this document as a quick reference for the official CPT codes associated with fluoroscopy performed in the office. The codes listed are taken from the Current Procedural Terminology 2012 Professional Edition.

Financial Analysis

Fluoroscan InSight can provide a strong return on investment for healthcare providers. Below is information about how organizations can implement this new technology to increase productivity and efficiency and, as an added benefit, improve their revenue. Click here for Financing Info

 Estimated Fixed Expenses
Estimated Monthly Payment:$1,200
Average Reimbursement:$60.00
  • 1 Exam Per Day:
Break Even
  • 3 Exams Per Day:
  $3,600 Monthly Revenue
$43,200 Annual Revenue
$28, 800 Annual Profits
  • 5 Exams Per Day:
  $6,000 Monthly Revenue
$72,000 Annual Revenue
$57,600 Annual Profits

These numbers are estimates and do not take into consideration minor consumable items or equipment service beyond warranty. Additional tax benefits may apply. Monthly payments are based on estimated leasing rates and are subject to change. Payments based on CPT Code 76000.

As always, we recommend that you work with a local professional financial specialist for a more detailed and extensive ROI analysis.