• The only implant available to fix extremely small or very distal volar rim fragments.
  • Corrects dorsiflexed volar lip fractures
  • Returns carpus in volar displaced rim fractures
  • Controls fragment and offers articular buttress
  • Part of the TriMed Wrist Fixation System


“If the VBP doesn’t need to be placed very ulnar on the radius, you can use the limited volar approach, to get to the radial column, and then sneak under the radial artery, release the pronator and put the VBP on the volar surface. You usually can get to the radial half of the volar surface. If you need to, you can elevate a small subQ flap superficial to the arter and make a small window along the FCR to place the K-wires for the VBP.
The other alternative, if you need to get more ulnar on the radius is to use the long incision that is used with the volar plate + RPP.” – Rob Medoff, MD

Wrist Fixation System: Medoff Approaches Dr. Medoff: Radiographic Evaluation & Classification of Distal Radius Fractures

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