• Provides a simple, precise method of targeting distal fragments and assuring subchondral support.
  • Edge-free contour
  • Precise polyaxial placement
  • EVERY size available! See “Plate Sizes” tab below
  • Part of the TriMed Wrist Fixation System

3 Hole+*45mm
3 Hole48mm
5 Hole++59mm
7 Hole72mm
9 Hole*98mm
11 Hole*130mm
Lefts & Rights
+ Narrow | ++ Standard & Wide
* Special Order

“I use a volar incision but make the skin incision go from the distal pole of the scaphoidi to the radial edge of the radial wrist crease and then curve back along the course of the FCR tendon. I do the volar exposure for the radius in the std fashion with this skin incision, but to get to the radial styloid I lift a sub flap radially, superficial to the radial artery, and then in the plane just along the surface of the 1st dorsal compartment.” – Rob Medoff, MD

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