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Extremity Scanner revolutionizes
3D extremity imaging

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Perfect Adaptability

Planmed Verity® Extremity CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)
Scanner provides a motorized gantry with adjustable height and tilt for the best possible extremity positioning.[/column]
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Low Radiation Dose

CBCT technology provides up to 10 times lower radiation dose
compared to conventional MDCT scanners.[/column][column span=”1″] [/column][column span=”3″]

High Image Quality

Isotropic resolution of up to 0.2 mm with efficientmetal artefact reduction algorithm shows tiny bone structures with minimal interference.[/column][column span=”1″] [/column][/row]

Compact Design

The PlanMed Veritfy® Extremity CT Scanner revolutionizes extremity CT imaging. The compact unit brings 3D imaging at emergency departments, orthopedic clinics or trauma centers for fast diagnoses at the Point-of-Care. Superior image quality serves radiologists, orthopedists, and extremity specialists all alike. With surprisingly low radiation dose of only one tenth of that of conventional CT, Planmed Verity helps to fi nd subtle extremity fractures at the fi rst visit to the clinic. Features include:

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High image quality with low dose

CBCT technology with fl at panel detector enables
the use of signifi cantly lower radiation dose compared to extremity imaging with conventional MDCT. Even though Planmed Verity Extremity CT Scanner utilizes remarkably low level of radiation, the image quality is equal or even superior to the expensive MDCT units.[/column][/row]
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Optimal diagnostics and treatment planning

With Planmed Verity®, the technologist can achieve perfect quality without retakes. Also the radiologist can rely on the volumetric image dataset and focus on diagnostic work. This will signifi cantly help in decision making process and reduce oversight errors. The 3D visualization capabilities of Planmed Verity provide the physicians with multiple possibilities for diagnosis and planning of the care and possible surgical intervention.[/column][column span=”4″][/column][/row]
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Adaptable gantry with soft surface & weight-bearing CT

Planmed Verity® Extremity CT Scanner provides motorized gantry with adjustable height and tilt for the best possible extremity positioning. Dedicated, carbon fiber positioning trays ensure that the target is always perfectly positioned in the fi eld of view (FOV). During the imaging, the patient can lean on a comfortable, soft gantry that reduces discomfort and thereby motion artefacts.
One of the most intriguing new applications of Planmed Verity® Extremity CT Scanner is weight-bearing option in which the patient stands inside the gantry during image acquisition. Weight-bearing imaging of the ankle or knee shows the anatomy under natural load.[/column][/row]
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Dedicated positioning system

Specially designed positioning trays and optional positioning camera ensure that the target is always in the center of the fi eld of view. The carbon fi ber trays also help in achieving correct anatomical orientation for fracture visualization, and provide optimal image quality for CBCT imaging. [/column][column span=”4″][/column][/row]
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Optimal target visibility

With extended, TearDrop™ -shaped bore, Planmed Verity® offers excellent target visibility and access, and less anxiety and claustrophobia for the patient. The imaging volume is indicated with red and green lasers. Optionally, video camera and multifunctional info screen on the gantry can be used for positioning.[/column][column span=”4″][/column][/row]
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Ingenious control interface, touch-screen optimized workflow & connectivity

Planmed Verity® is equipped with ingenious, single-handed control system for gantry and tray movements. The user can easily and precisely operate the device while positioning the patient.
The user is guided through the imaging procedure by an intuitive, touch screen optimized user interface.
Communication to hospital imaging network is easy
with the Verity Manager software. The software has built in worklist management and image transfer protocols for communication with Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). Verity Manager is compliant with Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM).[/column][/row]
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Fast 3D image reconstruction, Extended volume, Artefact removal & Future applications

With Planmed Verity® Extremity CT Scanner 3D reconstruction is readily available at the unit withincouple of minutes after image acquisition.
It is also possible to extend the imaging volume if needed. This optionally available, so called stitching algorithm automatically combines two adjacent images into one volume.
Planmed Verity’s advanced artefact removal algorithm has been developed to provide optimal image presentation even in challenging post-operative imaging studies. The unit can display detailed bone structure all the way to the very vicinity of the metal-bone interface, which is invaluable for fracture and joint surface diagnostics.
For Planmed Verity and CBCT technology, we can find many new, intriguing uses. For instance, bone healing process can be visualized in a novel way without removing the cast. It is also possible to use contrast media for arthrography or other specialized imaging technique. These are just some examples of many possible future applications for the Planmed Verity Extremity CT Scanner.[/column][column span=”4″][/column][/row]

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